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This actually makes me sad

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McElhinney is old though. As good as he was in the playoffs, once you hit a certain age your play is prone to deteriorate rapidly. And his mechanics look weird enough that I sometimes wonder if he just has good reflexes combined with luck.

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He is also considered the best back up in the league.

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2nd most important need is the 3rd line center spot

YEah fuck it. Wingers are overrated

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Cave did fine last year

Give him 3 x4.5M!!!!

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God I wish there was an eye roll gif. We had no choice at the time.

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On the hot seat if their teams stumble/show no improvement in the regular season: Maurice, Boudreau, Hynes, Green

If they make the playoffs and disappoint relative to expectations: Babcock, Maurice, Sullivan (hot take with him but Pens are trying to squeeze every bit left out of their team), Cooper (similar reasons to Sullivan, cup or bust)

Could get fired but may not deserve it: Smith, Green, Tippet, Blash

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Eh. I don't see tippet being fired unless we really shit the bed

Do a fantasy draft. You’ll have Mcdavid on the Canucks, Tarasenko on the Penguins and a ton of other Stars in Randomized spots in what becomes a decently balanced league

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Actually just did that. But I went full rebuild haha

I have Only ever completed 1 franchise lol

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