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Just for the sake of logic, saying that a guy shouldn't be banned for life is not the same as saying he shouldn't be held accountable. The big issue here is what is considered an acceptable response to his actions. Arguing a lifetime ban seems rather extreme. Maybe force the guy to make a large donation, do something good.

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Ideal Catering is neither ideal nor catering. Discuss.

Something to drink for you?

A few things I learned from this article -- Ron Wolf followed his son Eliot to Cleveland and no longer lives in Green Bay. Eliot left the front office at least partially because he felt like his title was given to Russ Ball.

Most importantly the LaFleur missed out on his preference for special teams coach because Russ Ball initially tried to low ball Rizzi. I don't know why a salary cap manager / contract negotiator has similar power and influence to the general manager. Having the head coach and general manager report directly to the owner/CEO is one thing, but Russ Ball isn't deserving on the power and influence he has. Either Murphy was that afraid to lose him and thought he was irreplaceable or he's taking care of someone he gets along with personally. Either way I think it is wrong. Salary cap management and contract negotiations are difficult, but I think there are plenty of people in other front offices who have put in the time and would be excited to take a promotion and work for the Packers.

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Yeah, the Rizzi thing struck me as the most damning part of the piece. Hopefully they learned from that.

It would be great if there was a double beep when you are on your last ride before a reload. You hear that TTC? DOUBLE BEEP ME!

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This is why I signed up for the auto reload option. It automatically tops you up when you get low.

It's obvious that Gute and the FO have decided that creating a defense that can get Rodgers the ball in his hands the most is highly important, and who like what they have in WRs.

It takes, usually, a year or two for most WRs to get acclimated to the NFL. The WRs we have are each fast, quick, and have good hands. If we picked up a WR this year, it'd reset the progression.

So yeah, I'm fine with what we've got. I'd prefer a true slot WR, but I have a feeling Jace will play that role. Plus, LaFleur's offense is all about running and scheming WRs open.

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Except by your argument it will take Jace a year to learn. So he's not this year's solution.

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