Blonde hair frequency in the Americas by [deleted] in MapPorn

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Real blonds or bottle blonds? There are a lot of bottle blonds in the south

Less than 48 hours until my first marathon! by ellenrae96 in xxfitness

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Good luck! I ate an entire large pizza in a cold bath afterwards with no regrets! Get-er-dun!!!

Anyone else have to "come to terms" with changing your last name? by bellossomraptor in weddingplanning

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I was searching for a comment that hit the closest to home. Good comment. Also in southern US. I'm hyphenating my first and middle name with maiden name as middle name, and his name as last name.

How to decide how many rooms to book at our hotels? by itsjustmegypsy in weddingplanning

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When I looked at booking blocks of rooms, here are some things I found out:

1) It saved only 5%-10% on the cost of the room to block so it seemed like more work/stress than reward. I had to block out a lot of rooms (50 i want to say?) to get any more of a discount.

2) A lot of my guests have their preferred hotels they stay - mostly due to using credit card points to book hotel.

I ended up not booking blocks of rooms. I had a sheet with the wedding invitations "Information about your Invitation" where I listed the two hotels nearest the venue as suggestions (one is more expensive).

How should I decorate this last minute with no flowers? by MagicalAshh in weddingplanning

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I thought this too - widely available at a lot of stores. Plus christmas is starting to show up in stores (*screams*) so should be easy to find patio lights.

Daily Discussion Chat - September 06, 2019 by AutoModerator in weddingplanning

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Depends on the weight of the dress and how long veil is. I went a wedding where this happened just to some of the petals, but she got up the front , her maid of honor fluffed her dress to make the train look perfect and the puff caused the petals to float up and it looks so magical.

Monthly Check In ... It's September, 2019 by AutoModerator in weddingplanning

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Just saw a person the other day post about what is required for marriage license. OMG DO IT!

Monthly Check In ... It's September, 2019 by AutoModerator in weddingplanning

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Me too. We meet with our venue 2 weeks before wedding to do final everything (they do the decorations, food, DJ, ceremony & reception). I'm terrified to walk into the meeting and be asked "do you have all this stuff done?" and just go into a stressed panic mode "ALL HANDS ON DECK!"

Wedding regrets? by defbay in weddingplanning

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Like other comments, spend money on a venue that does it all. My wedding will be at a location that has a lot of floral decorations, center pieces, signs, attention-to-detail, wedding coordinator, etc. I don't have to spend thousands of dollars to decorate with flowers that will be wasted. I don't have to worry about decorating 2 places - one for ceremony, one for reception.

Also, i am not spending lot of money on a "wedding" cake. I went to the local baker, ordered 3 different sizes & flavors of cakes. They are going to some basic fancy designs, and I'll do my own three-tier cake that way. You don't need to spend a thousand dollars on a cake.

Salem learned how to climb on the counters today 💜😭 by jacoblindner in kittens

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If you don't want them on the counters, I highly recommend sssssssscats. Basically compressed air with a motion sensor that makes a ssssssss!! Noise and scares them off. They get to the point where they just see the thing and don't go near it 😂

The bedroom inside this (very large) house boat. Amsterdam, the Netherlands [1600x1067] by idealnewst in RoomPorn

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Guys this is just the cat's room. Can you imagine what the master bedroom looks like?!

Trying to avoid a three course meal, did you have a buffet instead? What was it like? by LunarLuxa in weddingplanning

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What region? I'm in the south, but I've attended relatives weddings in midwest and northeast. The only seating chart was for the formal sit down dinner at a country-club, black-tie, wedding. But it's not like I attend all the weddings.

Dress anxiety? by hurricjayne in weddingplanning

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Yes it's completely normal because there is an overwhelming amount of styles and so much pressure to look perfect. The first thing I did was to stop looking at styles and start trying on dresses- the models are size 0 and 6' tall (I am not that).

Second thing was take a deep breath and set up an wedding dress appointment knowing that you are there just to try on dresses and not buy anything. Jitters thinking about the bridal store can be a good thing! It makes it more real!

Third, don't focus on what you like. I found it was much easier for me to narrow down what I DIDN'T like than what I liked. I would try on a dress and say "i love this, i hate that". This helps the person helping you pick dresses for you.

Also, you don't have to take a gaggle of gals with you. I found it to be much calmer experience with one or two of my low-key friends.

When the dress appointment starts, they'll bring you dress after dress. For each dress, you'll get a better and better feel for what you really like and what you absolutely do not like. You'll try on Dress 1, and that will be the default "dress to beat". The next several dresses will either beat the current dress to beat (meaning you like it better than the current dress to beat) or fail compared the previous dress. After I tried on all the dresses it the store, and I wasn't exactly excited the "dress to beat", I left empty handed, and the next weekend I went to next store knowing my top dresses at this store had these details in common.

6 dress stores later, I finally found the dress that I kept coming back to.

One step at time my friend! 1) deep breath 2) set up appointment. 3) deep breath. 4) once your at your appointment, take it one dress at a time.

Trying to avoid a three course meal, did you have a buffet instead? What was it like? by LunarLuxa in weddingplanning

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I love the buffet option - multiple options of food to fit everyone's tastes, more-relaxed atmosphere, and no seating chart! Three-course meal is limited, too formal for our wedding style, and typically more expensive because servers are required and the food options are fancier. Our guests are not fancy folks -they like their unlimited fried catfish and bread pudding.

I'm doing the buffet option for my wedding. Our venue (same for wedding & reception) will put out appetizers and opens the bar (open bar for wine & beer) while we are taking post-ceremony pictures. Then we'll have the reception entrances, dances, and speeches. While guests are distracted with all this, the venue will switch from the appetizers to the entrees and sides. Cake will be later.

Our venue only has a buffet option at $42.50 a person - 3 appetizers, 4 entrees options, 3 cold sides, 3 hot sides and the beer/wine package.

He’s doing his best, don’t judge him by MrBonelessPizza24 in aww

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bah-ding! Bah-ding! Level up! +10 for consecutive knock outs!

To open or not to open registry presents before wedding? by irunfortshirts in weddingplanning

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I wasn't sure just how old-school or out-dated that thinking was. It literally makes no sense to make waffles when my waffle maker is broken and the new one is RIGHT THERE.