Friends and family told me I would not cry when I found my dress but they lied. by hellohealthyliving_ in weddingplanning

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This dress is by Mori Lee design #2811, I didn’t think I wanted flowers and tule, but my emotions told me otherwise.

F/24/5’4” [118.6 > 128.5] Even though I’m up 10 pounds, I’m so excited about where my physique is by hellohealthyliving_ in progresspics

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Thinner, Leaner, Stronger (I cant for the life of me remember the author though). Yes, strong curves is great, it’s what got me started lifting! I’ve done it twice and would not be opposed to doing it again 😊

F/24/5’4” [118.6 > 128.5] Even though I’m up 10 pounds, I’m so excited about where my physique is by hellohealthyliving_ in progresspics

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I started off doing strong curves, then transitioned to TLS! Now my coach is programming me a 4 day split, a lower body push, upper body pull, lower body pull and upper body push, basically your genetic compound movements within the different groups 😊

Suggestions: Micro-wedding in Illinois by jcmusic88 in Weddingsunder10k

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While doing my own search I came across this one in Appleton, WI! Not sure their pricing but their maximum capacity is 20.


If I don't laugh about it I'm going to cry lmao by damianmustdie in BingeEatingDisorder

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I feel personally attacked.

This was literally my day, let’s all laugh-cry together

Law Enforcement of Reddit, if you are pulling someone over what are some reasons you would ask the passengers for the licenses? by sunandherflowers in AskReddit

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Not law enforcement, but I was in an accident several years ago and the passenger of the car took off running when the car stopped. The officer at the scene called for back up and they apprehended him, asked for his license, turned out he had three bench warrants and a notable amount of weed in his pocket. Moral of the story, as a passenger if you try to run away from a car accident, they will ask for your license.

My bullet journal suddenly has a new use! 👰🏻💍 by hellohealthyliving_ in bulletjournal

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Thank you! It’s the only way I know how to organize! 😂🤷‍♀️

Daily Discussion Thread: 07/19/2019 by bodybuildingbot in bodybuilding

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I’m on my first prep for a bikini show, about 6 weeks in and I’m wondering, is it normal to be really emotional?

Why tho by [deleted] in BadMUAs

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Nailed it.

I get winded going up the stairs - what is your "I exercise, but this still kicks my butt" story? by chibicheebs in xxfitness

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I can squat 155+, bench over 100 and deadlift 225, but unloading that god damn bar is the worst part.

F/24/5’4” [174lbs > 128.7lbs = 45.3lbs] (3 years) After almost 3 years of counting calories and lifting weights, I’m tackling a new goal, a bikini competition! by hellohealthyliving_ in progresspics

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Good question! I started going to the gym about 4 months into my journey, but it was mostly just elliptical and then the occasional circuit equipment (weightlifting machines). Five months into it I started lifting with Bret Conteras' Strong Curves and fell in love! Prior to all of that it was all walking :)