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Heading to BCN tomorrow for the next 5 days and it's going to be pretty important for me to be able to keep in contact and online due to some family stressors at home - I've searched the sub but the answers to my question are a bit outdated - what is the free city Wi-Fi like in terms of reliability and coverage?

I do have roaming data on my phone through my home network but it only allows 1GB for the week and I don't want to purely rely on that especially as I need to be online constantly so to be able to receive notifications throughout the day - so being able to turn that data off to preserve it for when I'm out of the city centre would be ideal.

Any answers or alternative tips would be greatly appreciated

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Could grab a portable wifi :)

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Oh my goodness, nothing like this exists in my country so I did not know this was available - thank you!!

Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!

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deep inhale

She looks so similar to Kylie it’s kind of crazy. It’s like she went to the surgeon and was like, make me look exactly like this.

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She claimed in a youtube vid recently that she's only ever had her lips done lmao

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USA gymnastics thinking Sam could be considered a GOAT in comparison to all the other athletes around the world.. I just don’t see it

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I physically cringe when I hear some of the things that come out of Tim Dagget's mouth regarding Sam

And my husband thought I was crazy for insisting we watch it last night, on my phone, in our hotel room. It was that or risk spoilers for 4 days until we could watch it properly at home on the TV. 4 days! That's an eternity in internet years.

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My boyfriend and I have moved into a new apartment that wont have internet installed until the 6th May...

He said we could only watch last night if I managed to get the episode up on the TV - so i upgraded my phone to unlimited data, bought a hotspot add-on so I could connect our laptop to my phone and hooked the laptop to the TV... sure my phone bill will be a good $30 higher this month, but it was worth it.

I think she's a shit stirrer. She's dismissive of general concerns that people raise and not the nicest person in the world. She's had more than one problematic article and she does not take criticism in the least. She's a busy body.

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She messaged me on Tumblr once telling me to kill myself because I name dropped her in this sub as a bully in the community... dunno if she saw the irony of that.

I will delete this later because I do not want the drama, but Lauren told an old internet friend of mine she should kill herself because she dared to disagree with her, and she hinted to her followers that they should go blow up her tumblr askbox. My friend has avoided gymnastics fandom ever since she got a ton of nasty messages. My friend wasn't even rude to her - she just disagreed with the almighty Lauren and she couldn't handle it.

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I've read several allegations of her retaliating to criticism this way - funnily enough I used to be super skeptical that she was doing this until she did it to me haha

I think that when you first join the gymternet fandom she's one of the first big bloggers you follow - no one likes to think their faves are problematic and so she maintains the following despite all the shitty stuff she's done.

She might work hard - but she's on a hell of a powertrip

The floor broke during MAG quals, Bart Derloo pointed it out and the gymnasts in that subdivision were allowed to redo their floor routines

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Which allowed for Bram V to advance to the FX finals and temporarily knocked out Tomas Gonzalez from qualifying - before they eventually ended up with a 9 person final

God Montrehell was a shit show


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