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I miss our NYE games with Calgary.

The wagon has lost a wheel.

I'm happy that I only have two achievements left until my platinum: Get four kills in a single match and have everyone escape from the hatch at once.

On the other hand, I'm not so happy that I saved some of the hardest ones for last.

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If you can get a group of 4 SWFs I find there’s a lot of AFK killers that make the hatch trophy pretty easy. Of course now that you need one you’ll probably never get one.

I’ll take the downvotes all day long. Oilers fans in denial that they have a competent team. Outside of Nurse, RNH and McDavid they don’t have a team. They have some great bright spots coming up, Bouchard, Yamamoto, etc. But other than that? Yikes.

Chiarelli boned them

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Holy shit you must’ve never met an Oilers fan then lol. That dudes just a troll, and you took the bait hard.

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Trash talk is welcome but trolling is discouraged. If it is clear you are in a thread for the sole purpose of irritating other users, you will receive a one day ban. The downvote system will resolve many of these incidents, so if you find your comments regularly being heavily downvoted, evaluate and adjust your behavior to avoid being banned for trolling.

So should the guy be banned then or what?

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Yeah a ban would be 100% in line with what he does on a pretty daily basis here. I don’t think it’s necessarily really bad trolling like Oaty would do, and a complete ban right now would be harsh, but it’s pretty much the definition of “in a thread for the sole purpose of irritating others”.

The Oilers drafted 6’0” Konovalov in the third round. Flames drafted 6’0” Wolf. Lots of trend buckers apparently.

Liberia and Burma

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You never think of those other two as having their shit together.

I like high level hockey, couldn't get into the world cup. Just didn't work, hard to make people care about a tournament when its history is so lame.

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I thought it was tonnes of fun. I don’t really care about the history of it, it was just a blast to watch.

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