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Thanks for the tip

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Hosting a tribe meeting is NEVER a good idea. Jeremy went full Garrett

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Exactly who I thought of, and I was so high on him :(

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rip ever having those Brett HoH DRs :(

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  1. See answer above.

  2. I admire Jeremy's game among many. I think Tyson is one of the most fun players ever. I'd love to play with either of those guys.

  3. I didn't know anyone on my season prior to playing. I was in LA finals with people from 35, by the way. 8 of the people in my finals group went on to play HHH.

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Who were those 8?

Alan, Simone, Cole, Mike, Chrissy, Patrick, Ben, Jessica

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Ah that’s so interesting! Do you have any memorable impressions of them from casting?

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Excited to announce that Brendan Shapiro of Survivor: Ghost Island will be joining us tomorrow evening for an AMA.

You can follow Brendan on Instagram [@Brendan_Shapiro] (

The AMA is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, July 31st at 8 pm EST.


Is there another AMA this week? I feel like I saw that there was but I might have made that up.

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This is the only AMA scheduled this week!

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Except this isn’t you, you’re claiming to be a dude in another post and u/beckylee711 is actually in the pic. Here’s a link to the original. If you’re going to be a reposter account, switch up the titles at least.

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Thanks for catching this!

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Hey Ryan! Thanks so much for doing an AMA with us.

How surreal was it to get that call that you were going to play survivor? Also, what did you find were the most helpful things you did to prepare?

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