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What this guide is for

This guide covers the process for repeatedly getting Citi AA cards. This includes the process, information and limits to know about signing up, and what to do once you have a stack of these cards.

The technique for getting multiple Citi AA cards

Citi has a restriction on most of their card applications which states that if you’ve opened or closed a card in that product family in the last 24 months you cannot get a bonus for a card in that family. If someone opened a card with an AA bonus in the last year, for example, they can’t apply for a new one using an application that has this restriction.

Most (all?) of Citi’s public applications contain this 24 month restriction, essentially limiting people to one card every 24 months. However, Citi sends out mailers for the personal and business versions of the AA Platinum card that do not have such a restriction. As such, it is possible to get these cards even if one has opened or closed one in the last 24 months. People have gotten 2, 3, even 10+ cards in a relatively short amount of time by using non-restricted-mailers over and over. This is often referred to as the "grAAvy train."

About mailers

There are two types of mailers.

Some have a 12 digit code; these can only be used by the recipient.

Other have a 9 digit code; these mailers are addressed to certain people but can be used by someone other than the recipient. As of October 2018, it seems personal mailers can only be used once. Once someone submits an application the code doesn't work anymore. A business mailer can be used by multiple people as long as the recipient doesn’t use it. There are DPs of dozens of people using a single mailer. As of March 2019, business mailers are also one-time-use.

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It gets its name because it's one of those infamous semi-technical features many non-technical mountains have. We found the climbing really chossy, but not that difficult (4th with maybe a sprinkle of low 5th), but pretty sustained. There were a handful of really fun stemming moves on "good" (for the Chugach) rock! We rappelled down it using two 60's and barely cleared the gulley. It was a very poor place to get off rapell. I had trad gear, I had cracks, but none were good enough to build anything that I would trust even body weight on. One of my ropes took some pretty bad shots from rockfall, in two places, it might be time to retire it as a glacier/4th class rope only...its 5th class leading days are probably behind it now.

You can see more of my mountain photos here:

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Why can you continue using a rope for glacier if it’s no longer good for climbing/mountaineering?


For business:

The recommendation used to be every 90 days. However, every ~75 works if using EIN every time.

More specifically:

  • If using SSN as the tax ID, need to wait 90 days after application date of previously-approved biz app. Note it's application date, not approval date. If you applied on Day 0 and were approved 10 days later, you could apply for the next one 91 days after the original application (80-ish days after approval).

  • If using EIN as tax ID, need to wait approximately 75 days after application date of previously-approved biz app. Same note as above re: application vs approval date. 1 every ~75 days with EIN. People have tried under 70 and it didn't work.

Most efficient is to use EIN every time and apply every approximately 75 days.

For personal:

The restriction is one card in an 8 day period, and 2 in 60 days. People commonly say 65 but that's to be safe because Citi's system sometimes miscalculates. Day 61 is fine and if needed, can recon and they'll manually push through.

Some people get locked into 1/60 instead of 2/60.

There are consequently several strategies.


Same EIN for all the apps or apply with a new EIN every 75 days? Thanks!

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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

I use same EIN.

In your experience, have you ever had a card not have a bonus attached? I recently signed up for a second card (after having had to outright close my first one because they wouldn't let me have two active accounts) ; chat critter said he didn't see a bonus attached, and gave me the number to the Business Relationship line.

Worth calling this number, or is it not likely to yield anything?

Both apps were from public links.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

I've not had that experience. If they are public apps that have the 24 month language restriction I would not pursue it. You win some, you lose some.

If it was a mailer I would pursue it since the mailer doesn't have a restriction.

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Just give the brummel hooks a 180 twist before hooking up and they should not come loose

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Can you explain this?

Simple, before hooking in turn the brummel hook a 180 degree turn before hooking it to the one on the riser. You should notice it does not hang down but sits a little cross angle. I have never had it pop off since using this method. If your speedbar cord is very thin try 360 but 180 works for most.

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I’ll look at mine today and see if I can figure this out. I have one that consistently pops loose.

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Since you've said you're holding cash separate from your emergency fund, I would say you should come up with a fixed percentage of your portfolio that you want to be cash. Let's call it something like 10%.

By holding something like that and re balancing from time to time, it lets you have cash to buy on the lows, while also selling some off during the highs, and prevents fear from driving your investment strategy. Lots of people use bonds instead, but if you don't want your cash exposed at all, cash can work as a substitute.

So if you're using 10%, if you have $50k, you would want at least $5k in cash. If the market drops 10% tomorrow, now your investments(the original $45k) are now worth $40,500 for a total portfolio of $45,500.

At that point, your cash percentage is too high($5k/45.5k = 10.98%) so you need to reduce your cash by buying more while the market is low. (You would invest $450 to re-balance). Now you're buying low without trying to time the market based on guessing which way we're heading(which is pretty much never accurate).

On the flip side, if it had gone up 10%, you would now have $5k out of a $5.5k portfolio. Now your cash is about 9.1%. You need more cash to keep your 10% allocation. So when you rebalance, you sell some of the profits off.(now you're selling high again without market timing guessing).

Give yourself a re balance threshold so you're not trading daily(like if it's 1% off) and then you can take fear/emotion out of investing.

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That’s neat!

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I’m currently in Annecy, France for paragliding. I see there is some climbing nearby.

I have my harness/shoes/Grigri but no other gear or partner. Anyone know if there are groups to find partners for this area? I don’t speak French, for reference.

And/or if anyone happens to be in the area and wants to climb, let me know!

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Michał is the Polish version of Michael - the only people I know named this are first-gen immigrants from Poland.

Otherwise anyone named Trinidad just makes me think of Trinidad James, lmao

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What is that little diagonal line in your “l”?

Polish diacritic.


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Thanks! Does it modify the sound/pronunciation of the “l”?

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To be fair Africa is turning into China's China

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Sponsored by brilliant

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Made possible by*

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What kind of bird is that? Heron? I want to make a pun involving chemtrails.

Maybe something like:

You won't have any heron your head thanks to those chemtrails.

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Those are some big chem-tails.


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