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I had those headlights too, and now it looks so much better with the stock ones. You still running stock? I got the td05h and the 550c injectors in there and waiting on the ECU tune to come back from rob in Washington. Should be putting down about 300 to all 4 wheels, let’s hope it doesn’t blow up in a week.

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It fucking sucks man, I can write out a page about things you could try to do to help, but the only thing that truly does is time... In the meantime hit the gym as hard as you fucking can, hang out with your bros as much as possible, anything you can do to keep the girl out of your head... Oh and absolutely do not relapse, it will only make it 10x worse. You will feel lonely or have thoughts about banging your ex but fapping to a girl that’s already gone does you no good.

She left me, and inside a week she was already fucking another guy but for whatever reason I kept desperately trying to talk to her.. I was always stalking her social media until one day I blocked her, deleted her number, threw out all the sentimental stuff she gave me, and deleted the funny picture of her on my phone... I went completely scorched earth, and accepted that I would never talk to or see her again. It took me a long time because I still had things that I wanted to get off my chest to her but one day I just... let it and her go....

I hope one day soon you will realize this too. Why would you take someone back after they left you to go be with someone else? You deserve someone that will make your life better, not rip your fucking heart out. PM me if you need to talk, I’m here for you man.

I agree to a certain extent. For everyone on this thread, masturbation is probably bad for us, especially since it helped us either strengthen or create an addiction to pornography, or masturbation alone is the addictive part. For that reason, we would also want to refrain from masturbation. If masturbation isn't your problem and porn is, the go to r/pornfree

usually if people have porn addictions, they have masturbation addictions and thus should do NoFap over porn-free. IMO, at least do 90 days of NoFap (No peeks, no edging) and then decide if you want to masturbate and if you do, then don't use porn. Porn is never good.

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I completed like 120 days before this and then thought I’d try and just fap with my imagination. It turned into just once more, then binging 5 times a day to porn by the end of the week.... Nofap or Nolife.

I want to smell nuges ball sweat pls let me have them

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I feel like this kid just doesn’t have the fucking balls to even try and be successful. I’m the same age as him, and if I was him and the NHL was in Finland, I’d be speaking fluent Finnish and running a train on the league, Vitunpyörä piippaa pojista!!!!

Just pisses me off that I have to bust my ass at a shit job, and he had a shot at making millions in the NHL. He was gifted all that raw talent,but just doesn’t even have a fucking inkling or a care of what to do with it...

Edit: Fucking wheel snipes celly boys translated to Finnish and back is: “The spinning wheel beeps for the boys” lol

Fuck, this hot girl from my work came up to me at the bar and tried to introduce herself and I was off a couple rips and probably 2/3 of a 750ml of vodka...

Honestly if I just didn’t take the rips I probably could’ve banged her that night, but I was just way too fucked up to talk to her and couldn’t think of anything interesting to say... oh well.


I live in a pretty cushy white suburban town in Western Canada. So I get a delivery and it says it’s to the RCMP out in the country, so I was thinking probably a check stop. I pull up to the cop car and he’s like “yeah I’ll let them know you’re coming down”

I drive down the range road a ways and the entire police force for my town had to be there. I get out and the cop asks me how my nights going, we make small talk as he’s typing in on the machine.

So I ask him what all of them are doing out here at almost 12 on a Saturday night... “Yeah we got two swat teams down there, about 30 guys, two choppers up there and the dogs, some crazy guy out in the woods with a gun.”

$5 tip. I mean it wasn’t the furthest, but maybe I’d have liked a bit more hazard pay for having to wait for these guys, and not telling me I’m delivering to an active shooter scene... I think other than the holy grail of banging a girl who comes to the door naked, I’ve now seen it all.

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-drifting around a corner and wrapped around a tree

-doing 65 in a 25 mph curve and hitting a f150 head on

All I’ve seen on here in the last couple of weeks

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Driving 20 under the speed limit when there’s a foot of snow on the ground, on your bald ass tires and going straight into a tree...

Insurance would’ve probably totaled it, but I didn’t want to report it because I was delivering pizza in it at the time. It seemingly didn’t skip a beat mechanically, so I just drove it back to the pizza place.

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