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Strome is a long ways from sniffing the Team Canada roster in any best-on-best tournament...

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Actually he's on the team Canada roster for this year.

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I'm pretty sure this was a quick feature on Sportsnet (Canada) yesterday during one of the games. They're already on it.

None of them are Native, they are all white. This meant that my dad's dad wasn't Native either, he was just raised to think he was, and spent time living with a family on [reservation] for at least some of his early life before he was adopted.

Second cousins who are white mean literally nothing. Lots of native families are mixed race. Your grandfather could just have some European ancestry. Probably a white father. My family has multiple generations of mixed race people who intermarried. Generally white men who got a native woman pregnant but weren't around to raise the kid. On the other hand those white second cousins could have native ancestry and not know it. My grandmother comes from a family of 15. They're all full siblings and they range from looking full native to super white. The children of the super white ones don't acknowledge their native ancestry. Their kids/grandkids will probably marry white people and never know.
The fact that you have a specific reservation and not just a mythical story of a Cherokee great-grandmother makes it unlikely that the history is false. If the government in the Southwest US was anything like the Canadian government (and I think it was) they did everything they could to take children away from native families. They wouldn't even let children be placed with their grandparents. It's not impossible, but again, unlikely that a white child would be living with a native family on a reservation until the age of 12.

His points per game is better than Currie, Cave, and Brodziak. Khaira I suspect has actually been injured. He's been on the injury report three times in the last couple months. He's on the injury report right now, along with Brodziak. My guess is he has a nagging injury and since we're out of the playoffs (and realistically have been for a long time) they would rather rest him even if he was technically cleared to play.

Kassian I'm not sure about. I can't remember when he was a healthy scratch. I remember earlier in the year he was taking bad hot-headed type penalties. Maybe it was something to do with that?

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Never said it is policy, but af least two instances have been recorded:

The one you're referring to your comment reads like bullshit PR. The PETA workers had literally met with the family(and other residents to know who had dogs) and knew they had a dog before they pulled their van over and lured the dog away from the porch.

That is in no way, shape, or form a mistake.

Edit: also, more pets were reported missing that same day, but not everybody has surveillance cameras so they can't prove it was the PETA workers, but it sure sounds like it.

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That version of the story you're quoting where they had met the people before and lured the dog away came from a paid advertisement in a newspaper that was then distributed by a No Kill advocate, Nathan Winograd, who's an enemy of PETA. That Snopes link you posted indicates that. Where are you getting reports of more pets going missing that day?

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What part of the ad are you refuting? The part where they mention they had video of them snatching the dog from the porch?

The lawsuit which mentions the other parts the ad talks about:

The ad touches only parts of what the suit mentions, just because somebody is a critic of something doesn't mean he, or she, is spreading false information.

Edit: they also illegally put the dogs they gathered down in the sense that you have to wait 5 days, which they did not do.

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I'm skeptical of what Winograd says because his stories read very sensational and illogical. The activists sound like cartoon villains in his version. And his fierce stance that it's possible to have a "no kill" policy and find homes for every single animal and they would never be left lingering for years in overcrowded shelters is a fantasy. I'd like it to be true, and maybe one day it will be, but not now. I've never heard of someone wanting to adopt a dog and not being able to find one. He doesn't strike me as being unbiased or even credible.

It doesn't make sense that an animal rights activist group would set out to steal and kill your pets. I guess it's possible these people were just malicious renegades but it's far more likely it was just a mistake with tragic consequences. And I know they broke the law by not waiting 5 days, they admitted that and apologized.

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I was casually flipping between the MTL/WSH game and the PIT/DET game but looks like I should've been watching the STL/PHI game. 5-3 after the 1st period! WTF?

Whoah was dadbot in net?!

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Thankfully, no. It was Elliot, then Hart. Elliot: 4 goals on 5 shots. Ooof.

Does Edmonton have a pep band? I heard a pep band rendition of Eye of the Tiger earlier. I would so audition for an NHL pep band!

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Oilers Drum and Brass Crew. They also wear matching orange shirts and blue overalls.

I don't care what you think of Lucic; if you can't appreciate well timed sass, like, who raised you? Are you even an Edmontonian?

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