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i watched the whole season already and i definitely enjoyed it thanx in large part to the actress playing "Vic" (i think she's fantastic!) but this show in general and maybe the book too(?) seems really outdated. it's not scary or disturbing (well the gasmask/poison gig is a bit unsettling) and the "scares" that they do have feel very PG (barely) rated or even a cross between G rated and PG rated (weird demon children with sharp teeth...NOT scary...they just come across as irritating as fuck).

at least half of the entire season (probably more) focuses more on the family melodrama (divorcing parents, dad now lives with a girlfriend, Vic struggling with self-esteem issues and trying to get out of her dead end town, etc.) rather than on anything horror/supernatural related. even though i enjoyed it, i can easily understand why people wouldn't like it and it wouldn't surprise me if the viewing numbers for each episode dropped more and more with each ep.

also imo Zachary Quinto is very miscast in this. he was good as a villain on HEROES as Sylar but in this new show he comes across as silly/impossible to take seriously. he's just not threatening/intimidating in this series. when he's wearing the old man makeup it looks like Zachary Quinto wearing old man makeup/mask.

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Am I the only one who was kinda disappointed with Trish's powers? Throughout the show and for example at the end Jerry tells her 'your super powers are impressive'. While I'm like, you had to train a whole year for doing a backflip on a wall...And you can see in the dark and land in your feet from a fall, that's it. I'd just wish they'd made her just a tiny bit 'super', cause for me it was more people mentioning her powers, just for the sake of it. Sorry for the rant 😅

(I know the series is really grounded, just think they could've made her a bit more exciting)

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jonajanz, i like Trish a lot but i agree w/ you 10000% that in season 3 they could have amplified her powers a bit more than they did. it honestly only barely seemed like she had any superpowers. yes, she could land on her feet like a cat when jumping (or being thrown!) from high places and she had some cool flip punching moves and she could see in the dark but other than that it just seemed like mostly regular Trish.

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starring Isabelle Adjani & Sam Neill is pretty awesome and very messed up! the subway scene with Isabelle is especially fucked up (in a great way!). also the movie ABSURD (1981) (aka Rosso Sangue)

a movie i haven't seen yet, is supposed to be pretty freaky.

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isn't DC's entire streaming gig in question now? there's been no official renewal for DOOM PATROL (as far as i know) and they idiotically cancelled SWAMP THING. so is this DC streaming platform even going to be around once the Warner thing is done?

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SNL has always struck me at being sexist (to a point) and always favoring the male comedians/cast members. there's tons and tons of "Best of..." dvd's for lots of the male cast but barely any for the female cast members. Molly Shannon & Gilda are among the very few female cast members to have their own "Best of..." dvd's. i would have loved a Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, etc. "Best of..." compilation.

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i freaking LOVE this show and i'm really bummed/angry that the idiots at Warner once again ruin something good.

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awesome! i admit season 1 was a bit of a chore to get through but season 2 was surprisingly good! season 2 also ended on a really cool sci-fi/horror/supernatural(?) direction that i think will make season 3 interesting/exciting to watch!

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i was getting nervous that no official news of a renewal had come out! i love this show so much!

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