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Alright, so this is where we're going to gather all the writeups for Survivor Rankdown V. In the beginning there will be a comment for each season where the people will be ranked in order of placement on the season: As the write-ups gather, the order will switch in terms of where they rank in the rankdown.

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Edit: The international rankdown has started! You can follow along here:

Hello everybody!

I will be hosting an International Rankdown including the 6 modern non-US seasons of the franchise (not all of the classic international seasons are currently available):

  • Australian Survivor (2016/S3)

  • New Zealand: Nicaragua

  • Australian Survivor (2017/S4)

  • New Zealand: Thailand

  • Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders

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#14. Andrew Savage 2.0


Savage is kind of a curious case for me. On the one hand yes, he's the one character in Cambodia whose mindset goes so opposite to what Cambodia is known to represent now and I guess that's commendable, on the other hand is what Savage brings to the table good? The thing about Savage for me is that for various mostly personal reasons his personality is the exact type of personality that's the MOST grating to me, he's like the traditional masc scill enforcing sports coach slash well meaning-yet-pushy father figure that makes my hair stand up. Andrew Savage as a Survivor character is like the most archetypal alpha leader figure possible yet pushed so far over the top he ironically becomes a great comedy figure. And on that level I really do like Savage 2.0. He's a pretty effective villain and an ironic alpha hero of Survivor nerds on the internet at the same time and that is good and valid. I would have him in top 100 myself, probably! However, the late game push to get Savage endgame really made me realize just how much I resent that idea. All respect to scorcher who worked hard on this but, like... Andrew Savage 2.0 being crowned one of the all-time best Survivor characters kind of repels me. Like, when that happened it was like all the ironic layers of Savage were stripped away for me and I got left by the baseline Savage personality which I never liked. And for that reason he's my clear choice for #14 in this endgame even though I would probably have had him at least over one other person previously. Also to clarify I don't hate Savage as a person, it's just ... the idea of what he represents? I don't really agree with Oedipus on the whole fucking your mom thing but I feel the whole "kill the father figures" vibe and for that reason I really, really hope Savage turns out to be the #14 of this endgame.

extremely Abi voice at least he made it to endgame, though!


I already made my writeup on Savage so I don’t have much else to add. I will say for as much shit as he’s gotten for making it here, he’s not someone I think is the worst endgamer a rankdown has ever had. He’s one of the best confessionalists probably ever, he’s got a great arc on a season that fails at most arcs, and I really like all of his content. That being said I don’t think he’s endgame and I don’t really see how he could be Top 14, as much as I like him.


Savage 2.0 is a really really really really good comedic character, like really good. Coming into the season, there’s this kind of thought that, hey MAYBE Savage has changed from Pearl Islands. Maybe he’s learned to be humble and has developed into a good guy… but naturally, he immediately throws all that out the window the moment he lands on the island. Personally as far as Savage iterations go, I think that Savage 1.0 has a better told and more interesting story, however Savage 2.0 is by far the funniest of the two. The first thing Savage does at the start of Cambodia is brag about how he has an absolutely perfect life, the only regret he has in the back of his head being Survivor: Pearl Islands - I’ve always loved it as an opening confessional because it’s an opening to us, the viewers, for how hilariously cocky Savage still is by letting him brag about how good his life is, while also perfectly fitting into the theme so… well done editors! There’s also the scene where Savage tells the story about his wife to his fellow tribe mates, one of the most bizarre, anticlimactic, but at the same time hilarious scenes the show has ever had. Some other good Savage moments are obviously the “Wimpy Little Non-Leaders” where Savage basically destroys any ounce of respect he would have from the audience up until that point, him dressing up like a teenager on the jury, and of course his boot… “at least you made the jury!”

That being said, I am utterly repulsed at the idea of Savage 2.0 being an endgamer. Yes, Savage 2.0 is funny… but that’s it! Placing someone in endgame for humor alone is definitely valid, but for me, they also need to have some sort of well told coherent story… and, well Savage is on Cambodia, so obviously he doesn’t have one of those really (Even if his plot is arguably the best). He’s just funny. And that’s fine for top 50 -- maybe even top 30 -- but it should put him nowhere near endgame, and it’s absolutely terrible that i’m writing about him right now over Twila, both versions of Sandra, Richard Hatch, Dreamz, Lex, Chrissy Hofbeck, Jon Misch, the list of people that would have been better fits for endgame than Savage goes on and on and on. I’m ranking him last, not because he’s my #14 of everyone left but just based on the principal of “”everyone else being in endgame makes much more sense than Savage.” I love Savage 2.0, but no, he does not deserve to be here for simply being a good comedic character.


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Thank you all so much for your patience. The rankers have all been very hard at work the past few weeks making sure these all come together.

Endgame begins on 8/23/2019

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Open up about all the things that went down during the rankdown!

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Endgame Betting Form

Rankers can do this as well.

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18 - Helen Glover (/u/vulture_couture)

17 - Tai Trang 1.0 (/u/csteino)

16 - Sandra Diaz-Twine 1.0 (/u/scorcherkennedy)

15 - Eliza Orlins 1.0 (/u/xerop681)

it's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine

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18 - Katie Gallagher (/u/CSteino) IDOLED by /u/JM1295

18 - James Clement 1.0 (/u/vulture_couture) IDOLED by /u/JM1295

18 - Natalie Anderson (/u/scorcherkennedy) IDOLED by /u/GwenHarper

18 - Helen Glover (/u/xerop681) IDOLED by /u/vulture_couture

18 - Ian Rosenberger (/u/JM1295) IDOLED by /u/Xerop681

18 - Stephenie LaGrossa 1.0(/u/GwenHarper) IDOLED by /u/scorcherkennedy

18 - Sean Rector (/u/qngff) IDOLED by /u/CSteino


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