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On this page you will find in-depth maps and information about each of the filming locations in Survivor's history. Posts compiled by /u/J_Toe.

This is an ongoing series and posts will be added here as they are posted.


Here is my detective work on the locations for Survivor's first season, set in Pulau Tiga.

So, here is the map I provided in my location overview. It is supported by this map used by Survivor Oz, and this tourist map. My main concern is that Tagi didn't live at Tagi beach, but at Ramis beach. I'm guessing Tagi was chosen as a tribe name just because it sounded more fun than Ramis. Also, the true Tagi beach is too close to Asmara beach used for challenges.

Anyway, here is the earliest Google Earth satellite image of Pulau Tiga, taken in 2002. This is what base camp looked like in 2002, also the site of Jeff and Kelly's date, and very close to Tribal Council. Here is what it looks like today.

I believe that this location is perhaps the only one where contestants actually walked from their camps to challenges/tribal, without being driven, as the island is very small, something like 3km by 2km. The sandpit was quite baron in 2000-2002, and could host challenges, though that could be difficult now as the island is all grown up :').

So, here is the most recent satellite image of Pagong-Pagong beach, captured in 2014. If you zoom in and set the date to 2002, you get to see the round beach where they set their smiley SOS signal, and later general kitchen, as well as the swamp behind camp where Greg took Colleen exploring without proper warning of leaches. [From the episode] we can see BB washing his clothes in the tribe's drinking water, with the said swamp providing a backdrop. Here is Joel building the smiley face signal, utilising the circular expanse of beach. I just want to mention their shelter, because it reminds me of BB lifting up Greg by his hair and boxers. XD.

So, I believe Ramis beach, just bellow the bump of east Pulau Tiga, was home to Tagi, with said east bump appearing in this episode screen cap. Tagi could also see Borneo from their beach, which I think is possible here, but also more visible during challenges set at Asmara beach. These south challenge beaches were completely natural in the year 2000, but now host the Survivor resort. More info found here.

The mud volcano was located between the two tribe camps, on the eastern bump thing (I lack proper geography terms), but was closer to Pagong. It is actually historically important, as the island didn't exist until the late 1800s, and was formed by the volcano. More info can be found here on their wikipedia page. The [mud volcano] is a major tourist attraction these days. The closest beach to the volcano is Rocky beach. Cool.

Moving on, many challenges took place at Larai-Larai beach to the north. It is where you can see the famous survivor rock used in the intro, and where Jeff hid the immunity idol once, along with a bunch of snakes. And that covers everything for Pulau Tiga!

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The Australian Outback

Here is the map of The Australian Outback (Though if you're Australian you'll know this wasn't filmed in the Outback at all).

Here is the aerial view of the film location, Herbert River, Queensland. Another Map. The specific site was the disused cattle station, Gosham station, which had many roads throughout the film site which proved helpful to the crew. The main road formed a circle around the whole film site, allowing crew to navigate around without interfering with the camps being filmed (as may happen in island seasons when boats need to pass camps and may be seen on the horizon). I know this because of this travel show report on the film site, which also elaborates on how Kucha's camp was kept in tact for a few years after filming was complete, used as a tourist destination. I'm not sure how many tourists would actually go out of their way just to visit Kucha camp. At most I would guess this Survivor Oz reporter is the only person to have visited the station. And here is the Survivor Oz page on season 2.

To clarify, here are the markers for the specific sites. This is a 2013 satellite image of Ogakor camp, the earliest image coming from 2003. They lived on the beach and filled in time cooking tortillas with not-yet-ripe tomatoes, as well as conducting bag-raids.

Three things I really love about season 2 is how the location transformed from brown to green, the fires and floods the contestants had to endure (Vance Joy would be proud), and that each camp felt unique. In contrast to Ogakor's beach life, Kucha lived up on the hill. That image was low-res, but I love in the episode how Kimmi is in super close proximity to a Kangaroo, which is the meaning of Kucha. She best represents her tribe, so you better listen to her and not wag your finger in her face!

Anyway, here is Kimmi Kapenberg's Kucha Kamp circa 2013, and here it is in 2003. See what I mean about the roads. They're everywhere. The land between these camps hosted challenges, as well as the internet cafe. More challenges took place at the northern river bank. That was the site of the maze.

Barramundi's sometimes dry river bed was located south of both tribe camps. 2003. Although I am sure that contestants transported themselves to tribal, challenges and each other's camps in Borneo's small island, I am sure that the Australian Outback was to expansive for this to take place. In the flood episode, the contestants have to stopover at a random, swollen riveer bed. I'm sure the truck that takes them to and from camp had to stop here because it couldn't drive through, and used the opportunity to kick the contestants out and film their shocked reactions to the flooding. Also, I know Tina hatched the Mitchell boot on the way to Tribal, but I'm fairly certain that took place on the short-ish walk across the rocks to Tribal. In order to contrive authenticity, contestants walked the last stretch to Tribal, filmed from (helicopter?) very high up, where no mics could pick up their plans.

So, tirbal was built at the edge of this waterfall, and is the only Tribal Council set built in reverse, meaning the castaways are on the right and have to look over to Jeff on the left. Here is a clearer picture of Tribal, courtesy of Survivor Oz.

If you zoom out a little, somewhere here the cliff jump challenge took place. I wouldn't test my luck though, as the rapids can get pretty intense. (Actually, that was just a segue/excuse to show off the only picture I have of Herbert River that isn't taken from the episode. It's in the middle of nowhere. No one who doesn't contribute to Survivor Oz would go here. There isn't even accommodation, unless you stay with those Cowboys who served Colby eggs that were both burnt and runny).

The tropical island where Colby and Jerri spent their honeymoon has two names: Russell Island and Franklin island. This may provide perspective on the distance between Herbert River and Franklin island, except there is no scale, so it will only really work if you're Australian or know where Cairns is (also, at the bottom of the image you can also make out Hinchinbrook Island and Palm island, so, go for gold working this out). And that is all the info on the Australian Outback.

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Here is as much information as I can about Survivor: Africa! The season was filmed in Shaba national reserve, Kenya, home of the Samburu people. I'm still not 100% sure on Boran camp.

Just to refresh people's memories, here was my Africa map from my summary post. The only help I could get on the whereabouts of Boran camp were from the map on this Survivor Oz page, as well as this incomplete Google Doc.

So, Samburu's camp was located north the these mountains. The satellite images closest to the time if filming are from 2012, so I won't bother with those updates. I also managed to find a user-uploaded picture on Google Earth of Samburu's nasty waterhole.

So, now it's time to show what I've got for Boran. Their camp is located somewhere, anywhere in this region, which is almost devoid of landmarks that could indicate specific sites. However, in the upper-left third of that image, the appears to be a large rock-formation, surrounded by roads. I believe this is the rock you could see from Boran camp. Aside: I swear that is the only existing picture of said rock, but I remember it appear as a backdrop to a number of confessionals that season, and they also climbed the rock at some point, but I can't find any images of this :(. I could also guess where the location was through the mountains visible from camp. See? (Click on all words to get somewhat of a panorama in the first three images). I highly believe we are seeing these mountains, as backed up by Survivor Oz' map. I tried to play around with Google Earth to confirm this view, and this was the result. Isn't technology amazing? /s.

So, apart from the camps, I have no idea where tribal was, but believe it is where the black circle was on the map provided at the beginning of this post. Also, in my last thread on Australia, I noted how the location was too expansive, and that I was sure contestants where driven from location to location. I am even more sure that was the case in Africa, because it is too dangerous of a location. See: Contestants had to live in a circle of thorn bushes, where harangued by lions at night, and water buffalo/monkeys on trips to their water source, and snipers had to stand on hills with rifles in case of an emergency. For more info, read here. This wikipedia page on Shaba national reserve, the film site, also has a lot of pretty pictures of the film site. Anyway, to make the survival experience seem authentic, each episode at sun down right before tribal, SEG would film contestants walking through a field of high grass that probably wasn't anywhere close to tribal, but was chosen cos it looked cool.

And finally, the location I'm most sure of is the challenges that took place at the river. These shots have almost a direct match to these Google Earth images. And that's all I've got for Africa.


Here is as much information as I could find on Survivor: Marquesas, filmed in Nuku Hiva. I feel it best represents a balance between beautiful tropical paradise and rough, hellish survival terrain. While I am sure of the locations' accuracy, conflicting maps exist, both of which are wrong. Here is the seasons' Survivor Oz page, just in case you want to read it.

So, here is my wonderful marked map from the Overview post. Maraamu is located on one of the two beaches east of Hakaui. I believe it is the middle beach in the above image, or the beach on the left in this zoomed in image from 2004. User uploaded images from Google Earth match episode screen caps, also seen here and here.

Roth is located way on the South-eastern side of Nuku Hiva (Maraamu being on the South-west). As stated in previous threads, the island is far too expansive and mountainous, and the see to choppy, for the contestants to have traveled themselves to each location. Plus, the island is dotted by villages producers would want contestants to bypass as they were driven/boated. Any paddling scenes where recorded for only small distances at a time.

So, Rotu is one of the western beaches captured here, south of Taipivai. When zoomed in, I believe it is the northern of these two beaches. Again, Google Earth images correspond with the episode, also seen here and here.

Tribal Council beach, which also doubled as a Challenge beach, was set on the small beach in a safe bay west of Taioha'e. Close-up. Pretty. This beach is far closer to Maraamu than Rotu (check my colour-coded map), but that isn't an issue, as the main challenge beaches, used here, are closer to Rotu. Base Camp for SEG was located at Anaho. This was the main challenge beach, also used for cast photos, directly corresponding to user uploaded images. Cool.

Another detail of the season was that Maraamu lived on a fruitful chicken bearing beach, whereas Rotu's beach was more baron, with black sand perhaps of volcanic origin.

Another cool tidbit is that just south of the main Challenge beaches is a cool rock formation known as the Falaises Mataokoo, featured in the seasons' intro. And that's pretty much everything!


Here is all the best information on season 5, Thailand, filmed in the beautiful Ko Tarutao. Seriously, this is a gorgeous location that I'd be more than happy for them to return to. Just a warning, this post may be very short for two reasons: 1. I haven't yet watched Thailand, and 2. Due to the fact that so few fans have watched this said, which aired a decade ago before HD, there are hardly any usable shots for detective work. Also, again conflicting maps exist. Survivor Oz page.

So, here is my pretty colour-coded map. Chauy Ghan (just realised my computer auto corrects "chuay ghan" into "chubby ghan" :/) live at Ao Ru Si. I'm not sure which beach of the three here it is specifically, but think it is the one at the centre of the image, closest to the swamp and looking at the neighbouring island (which I think is where they had to get water, or, in other words, where Jan went floating on her back while Helen refused to look at the map). The reason I have for this is the shapes of headlands surrounding the tribe beach in this video.

Sook Jai is on the opposite side of the island, in keeping with the sunset/sunrise theme (as much as orange/purple is overdone as tribe colours, I really like it this season for that reason). Although some place Sook Jai on what I think is a challenge beach, I believe that Sook Jai live here, as backed up by the establishing shot of a huuuuuge, long beach in this video.

Some challenges took place on this even longer beach. Some took place on the neighbouing islands. The smaller one specifically was the site of the New Tribe Member challenge where the had to pass this arch while circumnavigating the island. Here's a better aerial view of the island, in black and white for some reason.

Tribal Council was built on this pier which still exists today. Here's more evidence of tribal council.

With help from u/m4milo I was able to locate the tiny fishing village from the season's opening. This Wikipedia Page of Satun Province, where Ko Tarutao is located, mentions the small fishing village of Hat Sai Yao! The village can also be seen in the cast photo.

Asides from all this minimal info, the next best find of mine is this eight year old youtube video, probably filmed even earlier, of some random visiting the film site, spliced for some reason with a truck commercial. and that's everything!

The Amazon

Here is my info on the location used for Survivor: The Amazon. Wikipedia lists the film site as the Rio Negro), more specifically, however, the season was filmed in Rio Acajituba and Rio Ariau. See my pretty map here. Survivor Oz doesn't have a great map this time around (and that's the only reason why I link it).

So, the two small lakes here, shaped like the letter "Y" and a pancreas, are the two tribe camps. Tambaqui had the "Y" and Jaburu had the pancreas. Once again, there's hardly any existing photos/videos of this season that are suitable quality enough to use for detective work.

Anyway, the beach above the tribe camps was used for challenges, though the only Google Earth images of the location are of its conversion to a cemetery. Here's the same location via 1970 satellite, cos I wanted to point to the river at the bottom right of the image. There I found this photo of a traditional house, which was probably of the same area as the house challenge where they had to play spot what.

This area is Rio Ariau and the Ariau Towers, where base camp and cast photos were located. Ponderosa was on a boat this season, most likely the boat they arrived on. I can't seem to find video proof, but each episode, the transition to tribal council was an aerial shot of this thin river where Tribal Council, as well as some challenges, were located.

Jacare was located on the right side of this river, across the clearing. This specific are was the flooded forrest, which is pretty cool. Some challenges, like the merge episode immunity, also took place in the flooded forrest. I think here, (corroborate this with my colour-coded map if you are lost), as it would allow water challenges and land challenges. This spot looks like where they went fishing that one challenge. And that's all the info I have for the Amazon!

Pearl Islands

Here is all the information I have on the Pearl Islands of Panama, the location used for three Survivor seasons: Pearl Islands, All-Stars, and Panama. It has also been used in many international franchises of Survivor, such as the UK, South Africa, Russia, etc., but is also the site of a number of other RTV shows, as will be discussed.

So, here was my overview map, which was so crowded I had to break it down into two maps of the north group and the south group. Starting from the top and going down, this is the tiny island used for tribal council in Season 7. In that video you also get to see a bit of Isla Saboga on the Piratey map. Here is Isla Contadora. The semi-remote beach facing South-East is the site for Season 12's fake cave tribal council set, as well as Season 8's tribal. I believe it may also be the island where the food reward where Rupert chose everyone's dinner was located. It was also the location of base camp in all three seasons. This rock, just north of Isla Saboga, was the location of Ponderosa in, I think, only season 7.

Here is Isla Saboga. The Village on the east is the same one from the PI marooning "Beg, Barter, Steal". Here is a Google Earth user uploaded image of the fishing boats that Drake and Morgan had to pay to transport to their beaches. In the marooning there is even a clear shot of a painted sign reading "Saboga Village". The middle beach on the west side is the beach used for the Saboga and Chaboga Mogo tribes. It now has a cabin built on it, which regrettably is not of the underground variety. The long beach on the south was also used for a number of challenges across all three seasons.

Moving on down, [Isla Chapera] was not home to the Chapera Tribe. I think the island is owned. There is definitely a lighthouse and building on the rocks on the south. Some beaches on the north were used for challenges. In contrast, Isla Mogo Mogo is perhaps the most filmed on island in Survivor history. The north side of the east facing beach was home to Da Drake, notice the long, crescent shaped beach? In the satellite image and user images, you can see a cluster of trees just off the beach. It is the same as seen in the episodes. And here's another view of the beach. And another.

The north side of Mogo Mogo's west facing beach was home to the Chapera tribe. As you can see, from sitting on the rocks as the edge of the beach and looking north past Rupert, you get a view of Isla Saboga and Isla Contadora. The South side of the East facing beach was home to the Mogo Mogo tribe. And the South side of the west facing beach was the location of Isla Hermita, where Balboa minus Jon went after the Loved ones challenge. Now, the east beach with a missing chunk of jungle was the location of challenges, too. Notice that the satellite image is from 2004, very close to the time of filming seasons 7 and 8. This was the site of the Pirate Ship Obstacle Course which, if you remember, was destroyed by being burned to the ground.Anyway, this beach was also used in seasons 8 and 12. The tall grasses are a match.

Moving down, this sand bank was the site of Sue's quit :(, but also where Burton and Lill had a picnic :).

Now onto the southern group of the islands. This is Isla Gibraleon, home to the Morgan Tribe. Direct match! The island has also been used for The Island with Bear Grylls plus a bunch of nudist TV shows. It is also home to Pelican Pete. More video evidence.

So, the Bayonetta tribe lived on Isla Casaya. Remember how they had 3 or 4 beaches to choose from while Misty was away? That's a big help in pinning this tribe to the island of many beaches. North of this island is Isla Casayetta, the location of the season 12 village reward. Isla Vivienda, the smaller of the two islands, east of the real Isla Bayonetta, and with an east facing beach, was home to La Mina. And bonus points should be awarded to the Vivaros tribe, the only one to live on the island of their namesake. This took place before the island was industrialised. They lived at east end of the wide south facing beach at the west end of the island. Now, the Casaya tribe had a map of their island shown in clear view in episode 1. I believe they lived on Isla Quito, also sometimes listed as Isla Platanal, though they may have lived on Isla Gallo. But these two islets are tiny in comparison to the other tribes. Evidence which can help sort this out can be drawn from this shot of the large rock, which has to be unique within this archipelago.

Last of all, this tiny island was Exile Island. Additionally, this large island, the second or third largest in the archipelago, was the location of the hotel that Darrah, Jon and Lill visited. And this is where Jon and Burton went on their car reward, on the mainland. Romber's car reward, where Jeff shotgunned the passenger seat, was also located on the mainland. And that's all for this location.


Here is all the information I have on Survivor: Vanuatu, filmed in Efate, in the Shefa province of the island nation. Survivor Oz page with map here.

So, here is Efate, and here the specific film site. Note, the pink circle was labelled as the drop off zone, though I no longer believe that is correct. The tribe beaches were located on either side of the line dividing new and old satellite images, on either side of the bump of land. Please note that I have rotated the compass bearings, we are looking North-West. The tribes were so close that it has been reported that contestants could hear each other talking at night. Additionally, Bubba went further than whispering "remember the merge" to Chris, going as far to walk to his camp at night and sleep with him in the shelter.

Anyway, Lopevi lived on the north beach, which ends in a point. Here is a user uploaded picture of the beach. Yassur lived on the south beach. Compare to this Google Earth image. It should also be noted that the camps were pretty much living on a plantation, and were permitted access to the plantains, coconuts, sugar cane, etc. on the provision that SEG would pay the land owners.

Both camps had views of Erotoka island, otherwise known as Hat island. This is the burial site of Chief Roy Mata, visited by the Final 3. The intro also featured vision of Hat island.

Lelepa island (click both words) hosted challenges on the east-facing bay and west-facing sand point. If you travel north of the camp sites, you will reach the river used for tribal council, with a road located directly behind it for easy access/transportation. Here is the river today. A neighbouring beach was the actually drop off zone and marooning ceremony. Travel further north and you will reach this point used for challenges, three of which are visible here, including this one. However, survivor doesn't always clean up after themselves, as after filming was done, challenge remnants were left behind. You can see the pattern for the family challenge. The location (called Samoa point) is currently a resort and Survivor has been banned from returning (they contacted Vanuatu for I think seasons 23+24, or 29+30, and were told NO).

Now onto other locations. This island just north of Efate was the location of Julie and Leann's helicopter/chicken wing reward. At the south of the island is the beach resort where Eliza, Ami and Chris stayed. Here it is close up. And here is the location of the waterfalls visited by New Lopevi. The centre of this image shows the specific waterfall. South of Efate is Tanna Island, location of the Ipai traditional village, as well as the volcano where Chris and Julie went horse-back riding. That's all.


Here is all you need to know on Survivor Palau and Micronesia! BTW, this is my favourite location!!! And there is a lot to say. This is a cool video on Palau that is definitely worth the watch. It even features the Bai from Palau that Tom, Caryn and Janu visited.

So, here is Palau, and here is my pretty map. I'll start off with Koror and Arai, which lived on Ulong island (lol). Specifically, they were on the long beach facing the west. You can tell in the scene where Tom hunts the Great White (which I can't find a video on :/) as well as in this beloved scene. The limestone cliff at the south of the beach can be seen here. The Wikipedia page for Ulong island mentions a shipwreck, backed up by Tom's commentary on the DVD of Brooklyn sewer rats living on their island, which Katie swore were actually jungle rats.

So, Ulong/Malakal/Dabu lived on Mecherchar (the "ch" represents a glottal stop in Palau) also called Eil Malk. They lived on the north-east facing beach, with the beach to the south hosting the well in season 10, as well as the f4 immunity in Palau. Here is confirmation of the palm-lined beach. This video is also really handy in showing of the beach and cave, seen previously here. This also shows the north of the beach, and raises a mystery I noticed in watching the season. In the background appears to be a shipwreck? Though it was never touched on in the season, even though it would fit the theme. If you play with the Google Earth timeline, you get to see it drift away. Cool.

So, Eil Malk was also home to Jellyfish Lake. See? Cool. To get their you have to enter from the north bay, and it's like an hour long hike uphill, unless Survivor used choppers. There are actually two species of jellyfish, the unseen one being the moon jellyfish. Also global warming presents the possibility of rapid oxidisation of their habitat via the limestone island, which is slowly killing the jellyfish :(. Survivor must do something to help. Read more here.

I'd like to reaffirm the notion that contestants don't transport themselves to and from locations, as reinforced by this nonsense map given to Stephanie at the dissolve. Ulong's beach and Koror's beach are shaped correctly, though they are much further apart, separated by many archipelagos, and Koror's camp is way west, not east.

South of Eil Malk are these flat islands, which look more akin to those of the Cook Islands than the rock islands of Palau. The only challenge I can think of that took place here, called Ngemelis, is Erik immunity win. A little bit north, you will find these islands. The south island is exile island, for both Palau and Micro. The two above, connected by the bright blue water, hosted the opening and closing challenges of Micro, as in the introduction to the favourites and search for idols that could only be used at the first tribal. You can also see this group, which is a direct match for one of the first intro shots.

Further north of Eil Malk is Ngchelobel. The hidden bay here was used for Hot Pursuit in Palau and the wrestling faceprint challenge in Micro. Compare to the Google Earth image of the lagoon. It also dries up sometimes.

This massive island called Ngeruktabel was used heavily across both seasons. At the very south is a smaller island called Ngchus which hosted many challenges. Compare Bobby Jon to Google Earth and Youtube. Clay Critters also cited this island in the south, which looks desirable for a challenge set up, but I can't pick what it was used for. To the east of this huge island was more rock islands used for Rites of Passage. Directly in the centre is the arch.Towards the north is the location of the sunken plane used in the Saki challenge. To the north of the massive island is Ngeremdiu, where many beach challenges took place. I'd like to think this is the immunity challenge location from when it was 2 Ulongs vs 2 Korors.

On the north side of this peninsular is a hidden cove with a pier. Tribal council in s16 was built on the pier, whereas in s10 the pier lead to the TC set built in the woods.

Anyway, everywhere else of interest was on the main land, Babeldoab. At the car challenge Jeff mention how far they had to travel. It's because they winner had to drive away somewhere where there is actually roads, which you don't get on Eil Malk or w/e. This lagoon was the site of the challenge itself. Ian then drive across the friendship bridge to go to the real Koror and visit this mansion. The one with the red roof. And here is the capitol of Palau, you cans see there parliament building. If you zoom in, you can see the Bai. The season 16 waterfall reward was located here, though I believe there are two different waterfalls evident in this image, in the sideways "s" shape at the bottom, and the whitish section at the top. Ponderosa was on this beach waaaaay at the northern tip of Palau. Overall the film location here was very expansive, which further leads me to believe that they were transported by boat. Last of all is Yap, not even part of Palau, visited once in Micronesia. And that's all for Palau.


Here is all the available info on Survivor: Guatemala filmed in Yaxha-Nakum-Narranjo National Park. Also, again there isn't much usable images/videos on this season, which I guess I because the season hasn't been watched as much as other seasons, so videos/images from it are not in high demand. At least we have this. It makes it all worth it.

Here is my marker map on the locations. The easiest place to start is Nakum's camp, on Topoxte. You can see a little bit of grey in the image, which is the Mayan ruin they lived at. They didn't have a beach, as evidenced by Jud's premature evacuation.

Yaxha lived north west to Nakum, in paddling distance, as evidenced by the birthday episode. They had a beach, which is how Lydia could construct her minnow trap only at this camp, and how they could have the crocodile-proof beach on their doorstep, as opposed to Nakum, who had to paddle a distance to use it.

South east of Nakum's camp were two challenge beaches where the first immunity challenge took place, as well as the Maya club tossing and many others. Probably the Final Immunity challenge too, which gave us a cool look at the lake and mountains from up high.

On the north shore of Laguna Yaxha, this clearing likely hosted many challenge set ups, from netball to Broken ankle ball, where Jamie and Bobby Jon had a ball. If you zoom out you'll see many Mayan ruins. This is the site of Yaxha. One of these, I think this one, was Tribal. One other is where the contestants were given two additional tools. I'm pretty sure they began here and hiked West for eleven miles, ending here and then paddling West-Southwest, as Brooke kindly informs us.

Cook Islands

Here is all the information available on Survivor: Cook Islands, filmed in Aitutaki. This one was pretty easy to do seeing as though the season's Wikipedia page clearly states what motus (small islands) where used for each tribe. :)

Again, here is my coded map you can use as reference throughout this post. The Aitutaki tribe lived on Motukitiu, way down south of the atoll. These two motus hosted Rarotonga on the west Moturakau, while Manihiki lived on the east Rapota. You could see Rapota in the background of scenes at the merge beach. Here is a cool user uploaded image. These two islands were also used for another RTV show called Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands. PukaPuka lived on Muritapua.

So, Exile Island was located on Nude Cay. I've set the date on Google Earth to 2006, when the season was filmed. You can see the ship at the top of the Cay.

North of Exile is One Foot Island, which hosted many challenges. But more excitingly, Google Satellite images was able to record an immunity challenge taking place at Likopua (I've spun the compass 90 degrees to better fit the island in the image). This island hosted most challenges, and cast photos, as evidenced by the long stretch of beach, in a present shape!!!

But, we shouldn't be too enamoured by what we learn of Survivor in the Cook Islands. This is one location Survivor is banned from returning to due to their negligence in cleaning up after themselves. North of PukaPuka's island is a motu which hosted the compass challenge (images here from 2006). The damage this set up caused still lasts today, as seen in 2011 and 2013, seven years after filming wrapped up. :( Anyway, this island also hosted Ponderosa

The tip of the mainland also hosted challenges, and further north is the Tribal Council set.

Fiji - Vanua Levu

Here is all the information I have on Survivor: Fiji (useless mao, I know]). Here is the accurate film location details on the season's wikipedia page. Again, here is my coded map. I'm going to start west on this map, then move east.

This is SauSau island, used for Exile Island. Here it is at another angle, and here it is again. Here is evidence from the premiere. This view from the top of the island looking back to the mainland matches this less than potato quality image. This island was also used for an episode of Naked and Afraid.

This peninsular hosted challenges in one way or another. Possibly the beaches, possibly in the fields at the bottom of the image. Maybe the cliff matches this challenge. (I must apologise, I haven't yet seen the season.)

Moving east, the spit on the next peninsular homed Moto, aka the Haves, and Bula Bula. My only evidence is in the background here, here, and here. The peninsular is located in Vunivutu Bay, if we wanna get specific.

South, we have Vunivutu Village, Base camp, with Tribal Council built in the clearings to the east. Locals were forced to not use electric lights in their houses during the filming of tribal council, and car's couldn't drive with headlights on. Nice goin', SEG! >:|. Further south, and some challenges were built on vacant farmland along the Wainikoro River. Heh. That sounds like a Pokemon. Further east, Vatudamu point also hosted challenges. Although I forgot to mark it, Tivi island, also known as Tutu island, also hosted challenges. As did Katawaqa, also seen here, and in the intro.

Lastly is DruaDrua island, where Ravu lived on the south beach. The evidence is in this this wonderful shot.


Here is all the info on Survivor: China, filmed in the manmade Zhelin Reservoir. Fun fact, the islands, in their former glory, hosted a theme park.

Here is my colour coded map. This island is home to Feilong. They lived at the end of the north bay. Here is the evidence. For some reason the Google Satellite imagery only goes as far back as 2015. Though it use to go back further, and you could see the track Peih-Gee stormed down in the midst of her tantrum :). The island was also home to The Cave, though I have no way of pinning that down to anywhere.

Way north is Zhan Hu's island. They specifically lived in this bay at the centre of the image.The evidence for Zhan Hu isn't as good as the evidence for Feilong. This is possible the bay of Zhan Hu. Other than that, here is Peih-Gee sitting in the bay. You can kind of match the hills though, maybe.

This is the hill where Tribal Council was based. Specifically in this bay. South of here, in the mainland, is where the majority of land challenges took place.

Many challenges also took place among these islands, introduced through sweeping establishing shots to show us expansive views of this amazing location. Challenges were also set in these now industrialised islands. They weren't built upon in the year 2007, which I sadly can't prove as Google Earth took away their old satellite images.

So, the Tea Island reward was found at this island next to Zhan Hu's camp. Here was it's establishing shot, which I think CSC found helpful in locating Zhan Hu in their location thread on Sucks?

South east of Feilong is this town, which I believe was where Ponderosa was located. And way off in the east, at the very end of the reservoir is this town, where Base camp was located.


So here is everything I know about Survivor: Gabon.

So, here was my vague Gabon map in my overview post. I've got a lot more details now. Kota lived at the base of this "Y" shaped lake. Here is Bob on said lake. There are many scenes here, like Ace, Marcus and Charlie swimming in the bonus episode, and I believe this is the merge camp where Sugar spreads her Dad's ashes and Matty proposes?

Fang lived at the lake at the centre of this image. You get a feel for it when GC goes missing and when the tribe goes elephant watching. The smaller lakes were scene in the background, thought admittedly this isn't the most convincing evidence. I don't remember them using aerial shots this season.

Exile took place somewhere here, I think at that small tear shaped lake to the centre-left, with the sand and hill being east of that. I know these three locations aren't the most accurate, but these ideas have been backed up by CSCin3d (you'll have to scroll down a lot), who was working with different satellite imagery which is now deleted. Oh, and here's base camp. The beaches were also used for tribe swaps and fake merges.

CSC said Tribal was located somewhere here. Though I noticed a ridge running through the centre of this image, vertically, which could be where Cliff Bowling took place, and where Crystal couldn't run up the hill with her ten pound shoes.

Now for more convincing evidence. Ponderosa was located way north. Here's another view of it. The small island to the left of this image marker was the location of the reward that Bob took Ken and Crystal on. Here are two images of it; the Avenge Lodge. And here is Cirque de Bam Bam, where Kota had a picnic with loved one letters. It also featured in the intro. Here are more pretty pictures. There are other similar formations around too. And if you want to see aerial footage click here.

So, onto the challenges. Here is the youtube playlist, which you'll surely find useful. My best find was this challenge which took place at these lakes, possibly also used for the polo and log roll challenges. Nearby is this terrain. You may again notice a ridge to the centre-left of the image. That's my best bet for the opening. Also watch here. The ridges are known locally as the Falaises, a French term for the cliffs, also found in my Marquesas post. It is supported by Google Earth. Those weird land bumps are again found in the intro. The ridge can also be seen in the background of a number of challenges. There is also these cliffs, which closer resemble this in cliff bowling/golf. Though I'm not entirely certain. I was excited to map out the first HD season, but the Google Earth satellite maps are good for picking apart islands, which are easily identifiable from above. Like with Africa, inland seasons are hard :(.


Here is all the info on Survivor: Tocantins. The season was filmed in Jalapao, this wikipedia page providing images of Exile and the pool reward (you'll know when you see it). Also, here's the challenge playlist, which will come in handy.

Here is my pretty Tocantins map. We'll start with Exile. At first I thought it was here, but I know don't think that's the case, given a stronger resemblance with user uploaded images at another point in the dunes. There was stronger vegetation on one side of Exile, I remember it looking burnt, and Taj and Brandon looking in that area for the idol on their first visit. I think this is a more accurate location, especially with the road that production would use to drop them off. Here is the proof. Looks familiar, doesn't it? Yes. Jeff agrees. Rites of passage also took place I think on this sand dune and up on the mountain top, directly above here.

So, way over at the other end of the film site is the Rio Novo, on which the tribes lived. They were about as close to each other as Lopevi and Yassur. Here is Jalapao. Their camp was located at the small beach at the bottom-right of the image, while the larger beach to the top-left is where Sandy didn't know what a pace was. You get a good feel for Jalapao's camp in this video. Timber lived north-west of Jalapao, with their camp at the bottom of this image. The larger beach at the top was where Sierra and Brendon had the good idea to build a bonfire. Google Earth has cool pictures of this camp. As you can see from the episodes, it's the same terrain. A good match. East of Timbira is this sand bank, where the merge feast was held.

So, this crazy part of the river, with its many sandbanks, hosted a number of challenges, including the one where JT lost a tooth, and when Stephen won basketball. Other challenges were just set up at random clearings of sub off main roads, for easy production access, such as here, and here. That last place was also the site of Tribal, providing stunning views of the mountains. Challenges may have also taken place here, but this was more specifically the drop off zone. This road has a match. However, this site is far too far from the camps. It would have taken more than a day of walking. They were probably driven most of the way, but allowing enough time for Sierra and Sandy to build a shelter or learn what a pace is. The challenges set up in the clearings were just the basic ones that could have been set up anywhere.

Apart from that, there was Ponderosa, found here. It looks like this. Then there were also the reward sites, which are not on my overview map. This is the cool pool that Stephen, JT and Taj went to. It is located east of the film site, specifically here between the image markers. The town below it is where I believe Debbie and JT and I think Taj went to eat food, hug kids and watch Capoeira. North of the film site is this waterfall from the intro. Though I've heard some people believe the intro waterfalls actually Iguazu Falls.


Survivor: Samoa, and all following Samoan seasons, were filmed in Upolu, with some rewards filmed in Savai'i. I do wish they used the remote North-East side of the island, but instead they used the south-west, which is flatted and less remote, which is actually ideal for filming a television show.

Here is my coded map. We'll start with the tribe beaches for seasons 19 and 20. While I'm going to talk a lot about how the challenge beaches were latterly filmed off the road, and sometimes on top of sand covered car parks, the peninsular where the tribe beaches were located is probably the only uninhabited region of south-west Samoa. That is, until 2010. So, this is what the time beaches look like today. Galu/Villains lived on the west facing beach. FoaFoa/Heroes lived on the south facing beach, but at least lived at opposite ends for a change of scenery, somewhat. As u/ColYok17 pointed out, SoPa RI arena is actually on Heroes' beach, not Villains. Foa Foa's beach, Lefaga, is now privately owned, with a mansion built on it. Also, notice the roads leading down to the beaches? They weren't there before Survivor came along. They can best be seen in this 2009 view of the beaches, possible recorded during the filming of either Samoa or HvV. These beaches weren't used for tribes in SoPa/OW, as they sustained damage from the tsunami. :(

Move north and you'll find this coconut plantation, which also looked a lot different before Survivor came to town. Zoom in and this specific sqaure clearing hosted tribal council in 3 seasons. One World was the only one not to use this space. I believe this location was chosen as in Fiji SEG made locals not use lights at nights when filming Tribal, which is too much of a strain. Though if you're in the middle of a coconut plantation, there are no interferences from the wider world, though the location looks natural, but isn't, and so is easily accessible. It is also super close by Aggie's Grey, the 5 star hotel crew stayed at cos they were tired of roughing it for the past 9 years of production. Challenges such as these took place here on the edge of the plantation.

But moving south-east from the tribe camps, you'll hit some beaches that were used for the few beach challenges. The first one is Return to Paradise, yes, as in the one that was used for the 1953 Hollywood classic. Here's some iamges of it. Most notably it was used in the opening of Heroes Vs Villains, but was used other times as well. Today it is a series of bungalows. Though that road was there at the time of filming. And that's what I mean about the season being filmed right off the road. They dug up some palm trees to make room for obstacles, covered the car park in sand, temporarily placed the uprooted palms on top of the car park to look real, then re-planted them later. Also, it is well known that the ring road of Upolu was heavily used by SEG to transport contestants in black-windowed vans, perfect for Kim to hatch illegal plans.

Further down you'll find Matareva Bay, the location of Samoa's opening, as well as other challenges. This particular challenge showcases the bay, and the little spit of rocks/palm trees, really well in the opening zoom in establishing shot.

If you continue further south you'll get the beaches used for tribes in seasons 23, 24, and Australia. Note: Semhar claimed she could see the Savai'i tribe splashing about in the water and laughing from her miserbale RI beach. Either she hallucinated this, or the RI arena is way far away from the RI beach. Dunno, I don't have enough good footage of S23 RI. Upolu/Salani lived here. This was also the site of Outback Stakehouse in HvV, and possibly Rites of Passage (sorry, I had to include that video bc it's laughably bad). But towards the end you get to see the little island thing they get.

Across the bay, Savai'i Lived at the prettier Virgin Cove, located directly behind a 5 star resort of the same name. By spinning this 360 degree panorama, I could get a view of Upolu's beach, and their little island. This video helps establish the setting too.

A little east of Savaii, you get this river, where Tribal Council was built in One World. Close by is Illilli, where Ponderosa in S19+20 took place, also the site of cast photos.

Move further east and you'll reach O Le Pupu, used for Jeff's Samoa countdown as well as S19 Rites of Passage and Samoa cast photos. Also lol at Jeff's intros for S23 and S24 taking place in the exact same place.

Now onto rewards. Here is the cool pool where the Villains ate smarties in the Martyr Approach. Right across the cove from here is the site of the traditional village visited by Russ, Sham and Jaison. The beach views here are beautiful (unless the Google Earth user pinned this photo in the wrong spot, which I think they did). Close-ish by is Togitogiga Falls, I think mostly used for in between scene shots in episodes. Robert Louis Stevenson's Mansion was also a reward, and is super close by Papasea Sliding Rocks, used as a reward in pretty much every Samoa season. Expect to see it in the Australian franchise. Samoa was advertised by Survivor really well.

Other rewards took place in neighbouring island Savaii. Afu Asu falls I'm pretty sure was just a backdrop to a picnic reward where the contestants used the sprint phone to see an idol clue. More interestingly is Taga, the site of the blowholes.


So, here was my colour coded map, though I got the the red tribe (Nagorote) a bit wrong, and will rectify this. I also got a huge help with this location from u/TioG, who shared with me their map of the S30 beaches. Another factor making this so difficult is how identical all the beaches are. It's really easy to locate a funny shaped island, but beaches like these indistinguishable. My first map was closer to this one provided by Survivor Oz, originally Survivor Maps with Clay Critters, which is actually incorrect.

I'm gonna start north and move down. One of these bays, El Toro, is the location of the water challenges in seasons 29 and 30. It would make more sense for it to be the larger bay, with calmer waters, but I have a feeling it is the smaller bay to the north. The actual bay was shown in one of the Behind the scenes challenge videos, but I can't remember which, and they were taken down anyway. The reason these calm waters weren't used in seasons 21 and 22 is because they are located north of San Juan del Sur the city, and I guess they were fine to build a sickly green kiddy pool and call it a day.

Just south of San Juan del Sur, as in literally the first beach not part of the city, is this beach hosting Murlonio, Masaya and S29 Exile. You can see the famous rock stack. The beach is REALLY barren so it makes sense to have Exile here. Poor Masaya though.

Next up is Playa Hermosa. This beach, and the one beside it to the north (left in the provided image) were used for pretty much all challenges. At the very north of the beach was the site of the kiddy pool, I believe. Either that or it was on the smaller neighbouring beach to the north (check the colour coded map). This pool wasn't taken down after S22 finished filming, evidence coming from John Kirhoffer who in a BTS video said that for season 30 they just put a lid on this pool and called it a day. Also, that smaller neighbouring beach did have some challenges, as well as having the cliff that S22 Tribal was built on, and hosting the RI Arena/camp, i believe. You can also see the rock stack here very well, and I believe was the location of S30 cast photos.

This next info is courtesy of u/ColYok17 and u/TioG. So, moving south are the two tribe beaches used in seasons 29 and 30. Playa Escamequita (the one with the river) was used for Espada and Zapatera, and Playa Escameca was used for La Flor and Ometepe. But this last beach has since had human settlements constructed on its north end, which ruled out the chances of it being used again in seasons 29 and 30.

This river, which Jenn Brown claims is a sewage run off that the Blue Collars washed their faces in, was seen in all four seasons. I believe this beach, Escamequita, which has a river, was the camp site of Espada, Zapatera, Coyopa, and Blue Collar. The tiny beach next to it, with no river, was only used for Hunahpu and Nagorote. We also know for sure which tribes shared beaches in S21 and S22, and also know which beaches where shared in S29 and S30. Missy confirmed Coyopa shared a beach with Blue Collar, and Reed confirmed that Hunahpu and Nagorote lived on the same beach.

The beach between Escamequite and Escameca hosted Ponderosa, as well as Tribal Council in season 21.

Playa Escameca does have a field on it, which I believe was used in the S30 blindfold challenge as well as the compass challenge of the f5.

Moving south and you'll reach Playa La Flor, most famous for being a haven of turtle hatching. I believe this is where the New Nagarote had their beef stew and turtle watch reward. Challenges were also held here on the beach and in the swamp (the Nicaragua blindfold challenge). Fun Fact: You can actually see Costa Rica in the distance on the horizon from this location at the south of Nicaragua. This beach may have also been used for Wesley's Taco reward, and also featured in a bunch of mislabeled aerial shots.

Philippines - Caramoan

Here is my colour coded map.

So, off in the east is this island, used for Tandang and Gota on the north side, and Matsing and Dangrayne on the south side. A Google Earth image of the rocks match those seen at Matsing's camp. Also, another image of an island on the horizon is a direct match with Matsing. Plus both camps had similar views of the mainland.

So, back on the mainland, this beach and lake was used for Kalabaw and Bikal. If you zoom in you can see Bikal's pier in the lake, the medical tent at the west end of the beach, as well as some boats taking the contestants out to a challenge. Here's a Google Earth picture of the beach. It just feels so cramped.

Now, onto the rest. Starting north and moving down. This island hosted the Caramoan opening as well as some challenges. You can match this user uploaded image to this video. Google Satellite also recorded this challenge. The grass area was also a challenge area, seen here. Here is a cool view of the island.

Next is this triangular island. One of the three Israeli seasons filmed in Caramoan used this island for both tribe camps. Anyway, you can see it here, among other times.

So, here is Gota beach (which the tribe was named after, but didn't live at), used for Tribal Council, and possible some challenges, maybe in the jungle behind the beach. I say this because in the provided link, you can see a large, dome shaped rock which Gota is known for, locally. Behind the beach is a village. This was built by the French Koh-Lanta production (their Survivor equivalent) on the condition that their production team could live their while filming, but the houses then be given to the locals to live in. I think. Either that or they are tourist accommodation. Either way, SEG totally lived here.

Move further down and you'll reach this river where you can see the first, or possibly last, immunity challenges from season 26. It's also where the cast photos where taken (the river is in the gorge). Also seen here.

North west of Gota village is this swampy, grey sand area with a river, used here, here, and here. Here too.

Out to sea from Gota, to the North-East, are some islands that weren't used much. I think this one was used in the Philippines marooning. But other than that, I think they were just used for pretty shots.

Now, back closer to Tandang/Matsing's island, you can see this island, used for water challenges. You can actually see a challenge set up in the satellite imagery. It was used here and here. I think its north beaches were also used here.

Philippines - Cagayan

You may or may not remember my Cagayan map where I had no idea where Solana and RI was, but guessed they were somewhere south of Galang, but on Palaui island. Well, I was nowhere close! But I found out where they lived, so I'll get straight to it.

Solana and RI shared a beach on the mainland. In my linked map, I circled a beach on the mainland which I guessed could have possibly hosted challenges. Well, just east of there is Solana/RI. This is the specific beach. Notice the cliff at the north, and triangular stretch of beach beneath, as well as the curve of the beach? Well, here and here is the cliff. Here and here is the triangular patch of beach. Here is the curve in the beach. The cliff matches this Google Earth image, though the image is taken further down the beach, cos it really is a long beach, with the camps being situated at one end and probably not ever travelling far from there. (Also not, that Brice secret scene begins with misleading aerial views of Tadhana's camp, I have no idea why. Survivor just does that a lot.) You could also go rock climbing at RI.

So, back on the island. Cape Engano, the northern-most beach, was home to Tadhana and Luzon. If you want, you can check this with the opening shot of Brice's above linked secret scene. Additionally, you can use Katie's secret scene, which shows the rocks visible from up on the cliffs at the north of the beach, as well as the long "L" shaped beach. Here is an amazing panorama of the beach, which also shows the large expanse of Cliffs and grasslands to the east of the beach. I can only think of few scenes which took place here. Anyway, at the top of the cliff/cape you will find a lighthouse and fort that is really old, but hard to spot in episodes (and may have even been clone stamped out? possibly?) and which you can see in the linked Brad secret scene (click the word cape). The only other interesting feature of this beach was this waterfall where Garrett found his idol, and where Brad and John Cody had a convo once, but only once. We never saw it otherwise.

So, onto Galang/Aparri, who lived in Isabella's garden, the name of this large bay. They lived, I think, between the river and lake/pond, where Tony found his idol and where Kass went weird or whatever she did. Flip. I dunno. Way further behind there camp appears to be farmland? They wouldn't have been allowed there. It's also a good beach for befriending lizards. I was trying to find a confessional that shows off how "U" shaped the bay is. There were heaps in episodes, but I can't seem to find any now. :/

On the east side of the island is this spit where Tribal Council was built. (You're gonna have to trust me. Each episode had an establishing shot of Tribal on this beach, I just can't find any online. Any help would be much appreciated). North of here is this long beach (note: I spun the compass) where I think swimming challenges took place? You can compare the bumps in the sand to the bumps in these beaches, with the wide expanses also being used. Though they may have taken place on this beach? The farmland at the south end could have hosted challenges.

There may be one other challenge beach back on the mainland, but I'm not sure. Some challenges took place on a sandy point, which I can't locate. It may be this point, Anguib beach, south-west of Solana's beach, though even by 2012 there were bungalows built here, so I'm not sure. If anyone has a better idea, please tell me. I would like this to be complete. Though I think that big grassy/bushy area behind the neighbouring beach was likely used for their generic obstacle courses. And this could have been a challenge beach too, but I'm again not all that sure. Ponderosa was somewhere around here too.

The only other place I could think of is this cave featured in a Cagayan reward


So here is my pretty colour coded map. Note, the compass was rotated to fit on screen better. I'd also like to give u/ColYok17 another shoutout for his helpful information on Cambodia, found on his Survivor Digest website.

So, Bayon and Gondol were located on Bai Cheap Bay. They specifically lived on the west beach, on the left of the image. The beach to the right I think has a house on it, and may also be a coconut plantation, though I think Bayon/Gondol's beach is supposed to be a coconut plantation too. You can directly match the cliffs seen in the episode with Google Earth user uploaded images. Though in both seasons contestants did cross the river to go to the next beach over, but didn't venture too far. Here is Scott, Jason, and Tai in the estuary of the river at the neighbouring beach. The Cambodia merge feast also took place here.

Reports say that Ta Keo/Chan Lo lived at Lonely Beach, but I think they just lived near it. In this image, an image icon is placed on the beach these tribes lived on, though a larger beach is found north of here, which I think is the real Lonely Beach, though I could be wrong. So, in the provided satellite image you can faintly make out a lump/cliff at the north of Ta Keo's beach. It's another direct match/Gallery?file=S31_press_images_ep1_0039.jpg). Other clues I had of the whereabout of Ta Keo was this image, which shows that you can see an island from Ta Keo's beach. This would have to place the tribe at either the north or south of the island.The islands in question are Sao Huy. Another helpful tidbit was Shirin's smuggled Ta Keo map.

The details on Angkor/Totang are a little more hazy. In ColYok's map, the headland north of Ta Keo seems to be drawn to show 4 main "bumps" of land, with Angkor on the third from the left. That would place them here on the beach facing north-east. Google Earth doesn't have a very clear image of the beach, but you can get a feel for it in this shot, which came from this scene. This and this also help us get a fell for the beach. All courtesy of u/CrimsonKnight. We also have a map of this beach.

So, this bay at the east of Koah Rong was used for the marooning in Cambodia. I'm gonna guess it was also used in Koah Rong. By the way, this site was way too far away for the contestants to actual paddle to camp from, all while precariously carrying fruit and chickens and whatever. They were boated most of the way to camp. The marooning is just for show.

Onto challenges. Here is the very first challenge. You can see land from the horizon. This time I think it's indicative of being located on the south of Koah Rong, looking towards Koh Rong Sanloem to the south. Of these beaches, it probably took place in the middle one. Also, that road is new, and probably made by the Survivor crew to transport challenge equipment, which I'm guessing is easier to do by truck than by boat. Originally I had though that Long Set beach was used by Survivor, but I have since been informed by u/douthinkthisisagame (who has visited Koah Rong) that this beach located here was actually used for the beach challenges, tribe swaps, water challenges and land challenges constructed in clearings in the club behind the beach. The best evidence we have of this is the episode two immunity challenge of Koah Rong, which starts on the bridge in the estuary visible in the satellite image.

Anyway, Koah Rong Sanloem Knhong was also used. The largest beach hosted Ponderosa, but some of its other smaller beaches and bays may have hosted challenges, though I'm not sure.

Fiji - Mamanuca Islands

So, just making a note of the fact that this information will be updated by the time season 34 has finished airing. But for now, here is the information I have collected on Millennials vs Gen X filming locations. Let's start with a screenshot of the Mamanuca group as a whole.

So, as ColYok helped to point out, the marooning took place at Monuriki Island, AKA Castaway Island, known because it is where Tom Hanks filmed Castaway. I'm actually surprised Survivor was able to film here considering how heavily it is visited by tourists. For reference, here it is in episode 1, here it is in episode 3 (the island's east beach was used for the Summit), and here is a Google Earth User's image, with a look at the woods where they all went scrambling for supplies.

What's odd (though which I predicted), the opposite end of the island (west) was used for Gen X. You can match the tribe's Beach Boulder to the satellite image. As you can see from confessionals, the neighbouring Mondriki island can be seen from this camp. We saw this in the marooning too. Bonus. What's odd about this tribe's beach is the neat and level pathways they have through the jungle, no doubt a result of this being a heavily touristed beach. The island's two beaches are also visible in the distance here.

The Millennials live at Tavua island. I find the bare hills of this tribe's island an odd contrast to Gen X's thickly forested island. It reminds me of Caramoan, which felt incoherent as a location despite being neighbouring islands. There are no user uploaded images of this island's uninhabited beaches, but I think that this episode screen cap looks like the rocks at the base of the cliff on the island's north. Additionally, the view of the bare hills in this scene look remarkably like Tavua island. The Day 1 hilltop confessionals also helped (notice the sparse trees). You can also get a view of the island on the horizon which is long and flat, which points toward it being Yanuya a neighbouring island you could feasibly see from the top of Tavua.

The only other screenshot I have to share is the first immunity challenge, which could be at Yanuya, but which I think was more likely at Mana island, at which production is based. I also have a hunch tribal council is based here too. In fact, a post by u/ValttheNord confirmed that challenges were based at the south end of Mana island. Thanks to an update in Google Satellite imagery, four challenge set ups were able to be captured on Google maps. Pretty cool, so thanks for that info. :)

As for Ika Bula, I am not completely sure where they live. I used to think they lived on Mondriki island, the one that can be seen from Gen X camp. Before that I had also assumed that they lived on the other end of Tavua (the Millennial's island) owing to the Ikabula establishing shot revealing bare hills similar to those at Vanua. What changed my mind was seeing this shot which reveals an island, or else a prominent headland, that is visible when looking down they're beach. If Ika Bula is located on the nearest island to see from the south beach of Tavua island is Mana island, which is way too far away. But if Ika Bula live on the north-east beach of Mondriki, then they get views of Yanuya island (check my main map of the archipelago), which is a lot closer. This island also seems to have a small reef around it, which compares to the reef surrounding Ika Bula which would reveal green whatevers at low tide. Oh, and thanks to the Unblocked videos provided by The Crimson Knight I was able to find this Jay confessional which a rock stack behind him. This further convinces me that Ika Bula is on Mondriki. You can just see a rock stack to the north of this island, north of the back that looks east to Yanuya. So there. Hopefully that proves it. But I'm open to convincing.

In fact, u/_bradical took me up on this. They PMed me their own map of Survivor locations that was amazingly accurate. So I must thank bradical for pointing out that Ika Bula lived on this beach on the north of Malolo island.

Also, check out this post for the sand bar used in the wresting challenge. Thank you to u/smellthatdouglasfir and u/aksurvivorfan for the info here. :)

Another bradical find is this challenge set up in the middle of the reef in the vast expanses of Fiji's ocean. I believe this was the challenge where David kept dropping the ball?

As for Ponderosa, I again thank bradical for pointing me towards Bekana Island resort.

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