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/r/Survivor has a badge system for rewarding winner picks.

Before each season begins, you will have the chance to submit your winner pick into an official form run by the mods. This list will be saved. At the end of the season, those who picked the winner correctly will get a badge (a colored circle with the season number in it) next to their username.

Your pick has nothing to do with your gold flair. Continue to select gold flairs based on whatever criteria you chose. You can read more about flairs here.

The badge is permanent. It will not disappear when you change flairs, as it is not connected to flairs. And, you can have badges from multiple seasons - they stack.

Good luck!

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Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: Survivor!

User Flair

The user flair system is currently incomplete on the redesign. Therefore, users must request flairs on the old site. The text of the flair will display on the redesign, but gold/silver/winner flairs and winner badges will NOT show up on the redesign for the time being.

You can choose a flair on this page.

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You can access the Reddit Survivor Discord here.

/r/Survivor and the Reddit Survivor Discord have a loose affiliation. While they are connected as partner platforms, they are moderated differently by overall different groups of mods. However, vote manipulation on /r/Survivor, promoted from Discord, will not be tolerated. Same with harassment that crosses channels, either way — this too will be dealt with by warnings and bans.

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