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Suggestion: Breath (2017) A coming of age drama with a surfing twist, Breath navigates seemingly familiar waters -- but has surprising depth below the surface.

BREATH follows two teenage boys, Pikelet and Loonie (newcomers Samson Coulter and Ben Spence in breakthrough performances), growing up in a remote corner of the Western Australian coast. Hungry for discovery, the pair form an unlikely friendship with Sando (Simon Baker), a mysterious older surfer and adventurer who pushes the boys to take risks that will have a lasting and profound impact on their lives. Also starring Elizabeth Debicki and Richard Roxburgh, BREATH is an authentic coming-of-age drama set in an idyllic 1970s coastal Australia. Based on the award-winning, international best-selling novel by Tim Winton.


79%Rotten Tomatoes

4.1/5iTunes - Apple

Simon Baker (director)

 2010-2014The Mentalist (TV Series) (5 episodes)
- The Silver Briefcase (2014)
- My Blue Heaven (2013)
- Red Sails in the Sunset (2012)
- Blinking Red Light (2011)
- Red Moon (2010)

 2003The Guardian (TV Series) (1 episode)

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