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Imagine being one of those people who doesn't live like this.

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Seriously. It’s so hard to explain to “normal” people that we don’t operate that way. If I hear “just practice moderation” one more time I’m going to scream.

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I honestly dont understand how people aren't like this. Do they realise how easy it is for them? Urgh

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Isn’t that ridiculous? “Oh no I screwed up and are 210 calories. Therefore I shall screw up more and eat 5,000”. Like you wouldn’t find that kinda logic in other things

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I think only in something equally unfounded in reality like gambling logic. "Oh crap, I just fed $210 through the pokies. Better empty $5000 out of my savings and just go nuts".

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I feel personally attacked.

This was literally my day, let’s all laugh-cry together

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I call it the ‘fuck it’ mentality. Once you mess up a little bit with a small quantity of unhealthy food, you binge to the point where you can’t breathe or move, because ‘fuck it’. It can’t get any worse than it already is, right? No point trying to avoid the binge

I hate it

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Me today: Mik is a weakness for me. I'm only gonna buy half a gallon and try to make it last.

Me 3 hours later with almost no milk left: ...crap