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The moment I arrived at the hospital an orderly greeted me in the emergency room lobby.

“Are you Brian?” she said, voice hurried.

“Yes,” I said. “How are my parents and sister doing?”

“Your dad is currently undergoing eye surgery, and your mom is in the lab getting her head x-rayed. It’s looking like she might have a concussion. Both of them are expected to recover soon. Your sister on the other hand…” Her voice trailed off, lost in the sea of shock and confusion that had become her face. “She…she is struggling right now.”

I could tell by the way her voice trembled as she said this that the word struggle was an understatement. What she truly meant was that Courtney was going bat-shit crazy somewhere deep inside the hospital, and not a damn person on duty knew what to do with her.

The memory of Courtney’s corpse-like face grinning at me through her splintered door returned to my mind, and caused me to shudder.

Just wait until I get my hands on a gun, Brian. Then I will show you what I have really learned.

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