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I do not usually post on Reddit and created an account specifically to see if I am in the wrong here.

I am a 45M and have a daughter 13F. Ever since she was a child she has attended church with myself, her mother and older brothers. It is a family activity and it is very important to all of us. Two weeks ago my daughter told me she did not wish to join us at church anymore, I was utterly heartbroken and asked her why. She told me it is because she doesn't enjoy church anymore and is honestly questioning her belief in God. I told her if anything her questioning her belief is even more reason to keep attending to help reaffirm her belief. She did not agree and said she will not be coming anymore and that I cannot force her.

Now I cannot physically drag her there but I have decided to take away certain privileges, I have stopped her allowance for now and she is only allowed internet access for homework. I have also told her she will not be receiving a new Iphone for her birthday as I had previously promised. She thinks I am being completely unreasonable and is currently refusing to talk to me.

My wife is taking her side, she says that this is obviously just a silly teenage rebellion thing and it's a phase and it will pass if we ignore it but I do not agree I believe that it will not pass unless we address it and by 'rebelling' and 'pushing boundaries' she is disrespecting us and her religion. Ultimately it is my house and my rules and if she is not willing to follow them I do not think she is entitled to certain privileges, she still has everything she needs but I'm hoping that she will learn from this experience.


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